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Bed Bugs in Mesquite, TX

This particular pest is a huge pain to anyone that encounters it. While they do feed on humans, they can also pose a health risk by increasing existing allergy symptoms in people exposed. In addition, it can be emotionally and mentally draining to live with bed bugs.

You should never be ashamed or disgusted if you discover bed bugs in your home. Just because they’re there doesn’t mean you’re an unclean person; these bugs don’t care about hygiene! However, you should take immediate action to eliminate them or they will breed and spread to other rooms in your home or business.

These little bugs (the size of an apple seed) can quickly invade a property simply by hitching a ride on a person or item. If you live in close proximity to others you could be invaded should they have an infestation in their own property. Apartment complexes are at high risk for bed bugs for this very reason and all exposed living quarters will need to be treated; often even if you haven’t seen any yet in your own home.

For a long time bed bugs weren’t mentioned because it’s almost like they just disappeared. Unfortunately, they have returned and active cases of bed bugs seem to be increasing not only in Mesquite, but across the globe.


Where Did They Come From?

Houses and many other properties can easily become infested by this annoying pest. These are a few common ways this happens:

• You unknowingly bring them inside because they hitch a ride on you or on shoes, luggage, clothing, or even pets.

• Bringing used items that have hidden bed bugs into your place like bedding, stuffed animals, clothing, furniture, etc.

• Your neighbor has a bed bug issue and the bugs have traveled to your property; mostly common in aparments and offices. They will travel through false ceilings and duct work.

• Wild animals walking through your yard, then you bringing them inside unkowingly.

Treating Bed Bugs

When it comes to treating bed bugs, it can definitely be a time-consuming, difficult process. However, should you take action right away when you suspect or discover them, eliminating them will be much easier as opposed to waiting until they’ve infested your space.

A bed bug inspection is the best way to confirm if it’s bed bugs you suspect. Because they’re nocturnal pests, you should inspect at night. Have the lights off and grab a flashlight. Look closely at the seams of your mattress, bedding, bed frame, furniture near the bed, outlet covers, crown moulding, wall trim, etc.

You will know if they’re present by seeing the actual bed bugs, dark spots (their fecal matter; aka your blood), eggs or molten skin. Remember, these bugs are rather small, like the size of an apple seed. So you’ll want to pay close attention when inspecting for them.

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